Welcome to spacet.me Labs

At spacet.me Labs, we play with cutting-edge HTML5 technologies. Check out our experiments.

Carols in Harmony

Just in time for Christmas. Practice singing popular Christmas hymns in 4-part harmony using this web application. It listens to your sound from the microphone and shows you whether you sang the correct note. Works with Google Chrome and Firefox on desktop browsers.


A natural language experiment. This web application generates random text in Thai language, based on some corpus, such as the entire lyrics of Bodyslam's song, or the Thai translation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (I've never read it, by the way).


An HTML 5 note taking application that saves to Dropbox.

Instant Dancefloor

Inspired by this video, this web application will turn almost any music into an electronic dance music, by adding drum beats and a synthesized bassline. Please use Google Chrome.


A simple dictation utility. Now you can type with your voice on any OS. Currently only works with Google Chrome.

Flashing Sign

When you want attention from the crowd, use a flashing sign. This utility will display a big, flashing sign on your screen. Everyone will notice it.


A web-based rhythm game, a BMS simulator, with full support for keysounds. Playable both in desktop and mobile browsers.


spacet.me Labs makes web applications that utilizes cutting edge HTML5 technologies. It contains one member, Thai Pangsakulyanont.