Welcome to spacet.me Labs

spacet.me Labs is @dtinth's playground showcasing many small experiments using Web APIs.


Quickly turn Google Sheets into a public, CDN-backed JSON endpoint.


A simple application which graphs the sound pitch from the microphone. Uses pitchy.js to detect pitch. Also available as a Chrome Extension.


Your computer speakers making buzzing sound? This little tool plays a quiet 1hz sine wave. It is inaudible to human ear but may stop your speakers from picking up the mains hum.


A personal web page screenshotting service. It exposes an API that I can use to generate screenshots of web pages. By personal I mean only I can use it. But it is open source, and you can run your own instance.


Y’know, it’s 2020 and some services still don’t let you upload images, instead asking for an image URL. This little web application lets you upload a file to Google Drive. Once uploaded, the sharing settings will automatially be changed to “Anyone with the link can view,” and a direct URL to the file is generated for you, ready for copying.


Having trouble memorizing all the utility classes in Tailwind? Remembered the CSS code, but did not remember which is the corresponding Tailwind CSS utility class? Search for it here!


A simple web-based voice recorder. This web app lets you record your voice and save it as an WAV file.


Dead simple JSON viewer


Send and receive MIDI messages over WebRTC, powered by PeerJS.


A natural language experiment. This web application generates random text in Thai language, based on some corpus, such as the entire lyrics of Bodyslam's song, or the Thai translation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (I've never read it, by the way).


A simple web app to find out the tempo of a song (in BPM, beats-per-minute) by tapping to the beat.


A quick and dirty tool that lets me add syntax-highlighted code to Google Docs. Paste in your code, select a language and color theme, and copy out the highlighted code. The copied data can be pasted into Google Docs.

Instant Dancefloor

Inspired by this video, this web application will turn almost any music into an electronic dance music, by adding drum beats and a synthesized bassline. Please use Google Chrome.


A simple dictation utility. Now you can type with your voice on any OS. Currently only works with Google Chrome.